Creativid Review – Old but Gold Solution

Creativid Review


You want high-quality video content but your budget does not allow it. Stop worrying! Here on this Creativid Review lies your solution.

Creativid Review Introduction

#MakePowerpointGreatAgain! If you use Twitter, you may already know this hashtag. And until now, it has not cooled down yet. The trend of using PowerPoint to make videos gets a lot of favorable re-tweets and likes.

So that is also the reason why I decided to write this Creativid Review today. This is a product of PowerPoint-based with many amazing benefits for your campaigns. You will have to WOW at the way it changes your marketing.

Old but gold! PowerPoint is a classic software which is familiar to all of us but usually gets forgotten and underrated. However, this MS program has huge potential no less than any video editing software.

Creativid Overview

Vendor:                         Arifianto Rahardi

Product:                        Creativid

Launch Date:              Feb 2nd, 2018

Launch Time:             10:00 EST

Front-End Price:       $16-$23

Sales Page:                  Click Here

Niche:                           General

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

What is Creativid?

Creativid is a package of PowerPoint templates which are ready to make professional and eye-catching videos. This product answers both of the tricky questions of your marketing strategies. What can you do to have traffic-magnet videos? What should you do not to exceed your budget?

This product helps you leverage the advantages of PowerPoint, which is a great convenience for any users. Once you have a computer, you absolutely install MS package which includes PowerPoint.

With Creativid, you can create and edit your videos easily with a familiar software, no need to install an additional add-on. You also don’t need to have any tech or designing skills to start working on these mesmerizing templates.

Let’s explore it in my Creativid Review now!

About the Author

Author-Arifianto Rahardi

The man behind this product is Arifianto Rahardi. He is a fulltime online entrepreneur for years. With experience from working with other marketers and local businesses, he has created and launched some successful products to generate thousand dollars.

This Creativid is the results from 6-month researching and studying of the developing team. Together, they have found out about the needs of the market and how to meet that demand. With more months testing, you can surely believe in this product.

What will you get from Creativid?

What Creativid brings to you is not only a bundle of templates but much more. In this Creativid Review, have a closer look at the benefits your campaigns will get from this product:

  • Bundle of templates which are completely professional and appealing
  • No limits on videos you create from Creativid
  • Absolutely no need for additional software or plugin
  • Videos fit with the trends in designing
  • Easy and newbie friendly for all level marketers
  • No require for tech or designing skills
  • Step by step instruction to get you through in minutes
  • Edit and export video right by your PowerPoint
  • Module custom made for Instagram with mobile friendly version
  • Do not limit the use of your project or website
  • Instant access to your package right after purchasing
  • Save thousands of dollars to outsource to agencies
  • Drive your traffic and with mesmerizing promotional videos
  • Get high-quality images included in each template
  • Create video with high-resolution full HD 1080p
  • Work in any niches and industries
  • Difficult to get saturated
  • Refund policy supported

How Creativid works

Creating videos usually takes times and effort. This is the familiar thought when you use Adobe After Effect, Premiere or other video editing programs. With this product, it is no longer that. In 3 simple steps, you can have on your own a catchy video easily:

Step 1: Choose your templates

Step 2: Customize and edit as you wish

Step 3: Export into your video by PowerPoint

My personal experience

I really like this product, honestly telling you that. Right from the first time you use it, you will understand why I am so passionate about it. You just need to choose a template and open it to edit. The boxes, animations, and timing are not fixed. You can totally change it as desired.

With a low-cost product like this, in this Creativid Review, I want to recommend to all marketers who are stuck between their campaign and their budget. Once you experience this product, maybe your latest tweet will be #MakePowerPointGreatAgain.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use, no skill required
  • No need extra software or plugin
  • Have Instagram modules to optimize with mobile users
  • Can be used in multiple niches
  • Trending video styles with professional looks


Work best with PowerPoint 2013 and 2016, some outlay and effect may crash with 2007 version.

Price and Evaluation 

The price for Creativid ranges $16-$23. This is a reasonable price for an appealing and convenient package. If you want to make a difference for your video content, you should buy it before the price goes up.


In conclusion, this product is worth every penny, I think. And that is what I want to share with you. Thanks for reading my Creativid Review and see you later.


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