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Google My Business Review 



If you are tired of finding the way to set up business, but you do not have pro tech skills, you are in the right place. My Google My Business Review will give you a training course giving you everything you need.


People choose to run an online business to earn income. Some succeeded but some still cannot know to set up business, and then verify information, or manage customer service. If you want a product that can show you all the work and plan what you should do, you need to read my next parts. In my Google My Business Review, I introduce you a product that shows you the way to do all the hard work. Keep your eyes moving to detail to understand more!

Google My Business Review – Overview


  • Vendor:                     Firelaunchers
  • Product:                    [PLR] Google My Business
  • Launch Date:           2018-Jan-16
  • Launch Time:          09: 00 EDT
  • Front-end Price:    $10
  • Niche:                        PLR
  • Sale page:                 Click Here
  • Recommend:          Highly recommended

What is it?

As the name it says, this is the online training course that gives you everything you need to set up an online business. Besides, it also provides you many things for you to resell it under your name, and then you can offer it as your service.

About the author – Firelaunchers

Firelaunchers is a famous team includes many experts in the marketing field. By their knowledge and experience, they have spent much time and energy to create and develop this software. They also promise to bring a revolution for every beginner who wants to learn to set up a business or make money from the online store.

Features of Google My Business

  • Readymade sales material for reselling

You will get all materials needed not only to set up business but also to sell and resell.

  • Private Label Right

This right allows you to sell under your name and you can kill the online business. It also means that you can keep your 100% profit from reselling.

  • Hottest topic

What you sell are in the hottest topics with the highest ROI. So you can drive in responsive leads on autopilot.

How does it work?

The software is not complicated to use. It does not require you any pro or advanced tech skills. When you buy it, you have the detailed guideline. Also, there is a tutorial video for you to follow. You can watch it and see step by step.

Who should use it?

As the features I mentioned, we all know who the targeted customers of Google My Business are. You will need it if you are a newbie who wants to start a business online, but you do not know where to start and how to do it. You can search any necessary things from this system, learn it and do it quickly.

Advantages and Disadvantages


+) PROS:

To say about the benefits of Google My Business, I want to highlight some points. Firstly, if joining it, you can save time and money compared to other courses in the market but still get everything you need for setting up business.

Secondly, it works online, so you do not have to install or download anything. You can use it from everywhere at any time you want. One more thing is that it does not require you any tech skills or prior experience in online business; you can work well with zero skill. The results come quickly, and you can get the game changer if you are wondering how to establish a successful business.

+) CONS:

There is not much to talk about the drawbacks of Google My Business. Since I use it, I have not met any serious troubles, but only once I lost my internet connection, and my work is interrupted. So I give you the advice to check your internet connection before working to run the software smoothly.

Price and evaluation

Google My Business comes in many packages with different features and different prices to meet all your needs and your budget. You can see details information about each product from the website:

  • The Front End – $9.95
  • Upsell 1 – $37
  • Upsell 2 – $9.95
  • Upsell 3 – $37

If you want the membership right, you have to pay $27 per month. But with the special launch, you have a big deal with $1 to have the trial as a member for 30 days. Besides, if you are ready to pay $2000, you have the product creation services. I think it is not the high price when you have the advanced functions compared to other products in the market.


To make the decision quickly, you can visit the website to see more detailed information about each option. I also notice that if you buy it now, you have many valuable bonuses that can give you reach success faster.

Google My Business Review – Conclusion

It comes to the end of my Google My Business Review. I want to say thank you for your attention. As the information I shared, I hope you find something useful, and it can support you in the decision making.

You should consider your choices carefully but not too long because the price can increase after the launch date. If you do not want to regret later, you should decide soon. Moreover, you also have the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that you only spend money when you get satisfaction. I wish to see your success. Good luck!

And this is the reward I give you when you buy this product


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