Photolemur 2.2 Review- Why 50,000 Marketers Use This Software?

Photolemur 2.2 Review



You have probably heard this quote: “A Picture is Worth Thousand Words”, right? These days, a picture plays an important role in attracting your customers and enabling you to show your customers what you have to offer rather than telling them. So the big difficult question is that: are your customers captivated by your photos? Or are they just scrolling past your content and you will accept to lose your sales? So today I want to show you a brand new revolutionary solution called Photolemur 2.2 which use artificial intelligence, smart tech and a bit of magic to automatically edit your photo in the best way. Now, why don’t you take a look at my Photolemur 2.2 Review to know more details?

Photolemur 2.2 Review- Overview

Overview-Photolemur 2.2

  • Vendor:                     VideoElementsFX et al
  • Product:                    Photolemur 2.2
  • Launch Date:           2018-Jan-07
  • Launch Time:          10:00 EST
  • Skill:                           All Levels
  • Front-End Price:    $29
  • Niche:                         Video
  • Recommend:           Highly recommend
  • Guarantee:               30 days money back guarantee

What is Photolemur 2.2?

Photolemur is known as the world’s first fully automated solution which allows you to instantly create perfect photos. This new version of Photolemur- Photolemur 2.2 comes with new features that can automatically analyze and give your images the perfect look and doesn’t require any manual involvement.

Feature Details

Photolemur-2.2 review


Today in my Photolemur 2.2 Review, I want to show key features of this app:

  • Opacity Slider

With Photolemur 2.2, you can feel free to control the image processing technology. This new version of the app will present one slider that will allow you to control that stunning end result. Therefore, it is easy for you to define the final look of your photos.

  • Faster Image Enhancement Algorithm

Photolemur houses innovative algorithms which work to thoroughly analyze your pictures (taking into account their every pixel). You can easily enjoy brand new sky enhancement, noise reduction as well as over 10 other incredible improvements.

  • Quicker Processing

This new version of Photolemur is at least twice faster than its previous version.

  • New Sky Enhancement

As you know, the amazing skies are an essential ingredient of landscape shots. However, based on the density of clouds, it can be tricky if you want to have the correct exposure. Even if you want to expose for the clouds to retain all the white details, your foreground may fall too far into the shadows. The other case when exposing for the landscape, your clouds may immediately blow out. So with Photolemur 2.2, you can feel free to use a revolutionary tech to fix the sky in both cases.

  • New Noise Reduction

If your photos are lack of light and high ISO, they will look grainy no matter how stunning your camera may be. So Photolemur comes with a unique feature that lets you take photos of certain less-than-desirable lighting conditions. After finishing, you can use Photolemur to avoid immediately digital noise and grain. Its new noise reduction tech works three times better than the previous version

  • Plug Photolemur into Apple Photos Extension, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop.
  • RAW Processing (900+ cameras)

How Does It Work?


Photolemur 2.2 contains 3 simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1.Upload Your Photos Into The Photolemur App.

Step 2.Define The Final Look Of Your Images And Control The Enhancement Opacity With The New Smart Slider.

Step 3.Let’s Photolemur 2.2 App Start To Process Your Images. You Can Watch The Magic Of The Process And Finally Click Export. Everything Is 100% Automatic

Images speak louder than words, right? Now you can check out Photolemur 2.2 Quick Demo Video at here to know how to use it yourself since it is too much it can do to be explained in my Photolemur 2.2 Review.

Who should use Photolemur 2.2?

As far as I know, Photolemur 2.2 is created for everyone who is Business Owners, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Service Providers or anyone who want to find out the best way to edit your photos.

Pros and Cons


  • Immediately Enhance Your Photos In Just 3 Simple Clicks
  • Available on macOS from v.10.11 and Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Resources Savings (save time, money and efforts).
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Many Upsells

User experience

Unlike other tools, Photolemur2.2 edits automatically your photos, save hours spent enhancing photos. Photolemur 2.2 can quickly analyze the pixels and performs the necessary one-of-a-kind adjustments. Actually, Photolemur 2.2 can apply specifically targeted enhancements to all pixels and objects in your images. Moreover, Photolemur is powered by artificial intelligence that recognizes objects, faces, sky, and more; distinguishes between portraits, landscapes and macro photography.

Evaluation & Price

Photolemur 2.2 is designed for anyone who takes pictures, but who doesn’t want or have much time to spend time and money on photo editors. During the launch time, Photolemur 2.2 will offer early bird discount which means that you will have a chance to grab it with the lowest price- $29. So if you are seeking for this kind of product, let’s mark its launch time on 2018-Jan-07 after reading my Photolemur 2.2 Review in order not to miss the discount time.

Order-Photolemur 2.2

Well, it is the end of my Photolemur 2.2 Review. I hope that I gave useful information. See you in my next review!

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Bonus #3: ExplaindioVideoCreator

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  • No previous video creation experience
  • Complete the video in the shortest possible time
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