Recastly Review – Solution to Capture Millions Views and Engagement

Recastly Review


A simple method to boost your engagement easily and effectively on social media! Check it out in my Recastly Review!

Recastly Review Introduction

85% of FB video is watched in silence. FB allows videos to play automatically but silently. And sometimes, the users turn the sound off on purpose to avoid annoying others. Without the sound, how can you take the best use of your videos?

That is the reason why I want you to read all thoroughly this Recastly Review. This product will help you deliver the right messages for your audience without turning the sound on. Another bonus point is this software is custom made for online marketers to increase and improve engagement.

A video is an essential element in every campaign. And here will be the solution to boost the performance of your videos to the next level. While you are reading this, billions of video hours are being watched on FB, YouTube,… So don’t hesitate any longer, let’s roll!

Recastly Overview


Vendor:                       Sam Bakker et al

Product:                      Recastly

Launch Date:             January 17th, 2017

Launch Time:            11:00 EST

Front-End Price:       $37

Sales Page:                  Click Here

Niche:                           General

Recommend:             Highly Recommended

What is Recastly?

Recastly allows you to add hardcore subtitles to your video easily. To imagine how it works, think about the common subtitles software. The strength of this product is it is completely on autopilot and includes many exclusive tools for marketing.

FB starts to count view after 3 first seconds. Because videos are auto-played without sound, you are likely to lose your viewers and the chance to increase the engagement, converting. To fix this problem, subtitles are what you need.

With Recastly, your subtitles will be generated automatically and translated into other languages quickly. You can target more niches to expand your coverage. It also helps you focus on mobile users on FB to capture more than 92% daily users.

About the Author


Sam Bakker is the familiar vendors on affiliate platforms. He has launched a great number of products and many of which are Product of the Days. Besides, Sam is usually a fully-booked speaker and trainer.

Sam has partnered so many times with Rohit Shah with successful products such as Revamply and RunAWebinar. Therefore, you can truly believe in the heirloom success of Recastly.

What are the major features of Recastly?

As I have said before, this app is made especially for digital marketing on FB, it is embodied with many great features. So in my Recastly Review here, have a closer look at the amazing features which can help you improve your video performance.

  • Cloud-based, no need to setup or install anything, the entire process is online
  • Focus on adding the hardcore subtitles to your videos to boost the engagement
  • Provide the templates to customize your subtitles
  • Add fixed text acting as your caption
  • Automatically generate subtitles from the given sound in videos
  • Automatically translate the subtitles into other languages
  • Wide range of available languages for translating
  • Voiceover to replace the original sound, available in many languages
  • 20 accents to express your voiceover in the most natural way
  • Time the subtitles autopilot with great accuracy
  • Customize the subtitles freely: fonts, size, background, opacity,…
  • Add logo and CTA with both text and image
  • Flexible size to be responsive to multiple devices
  • Show subtitles word for word or with a complete sentence
  • Customize the voiceover’s pitch, volume, and speed
  • Verify the subtitles and the sound with playback
  • Import video from various source
  • Can import your own SRT files
  • Upload videos on FB, YouTube or get email link
  • Generate SRT files for each finished project
  • Provide editable subtitles
  • Training and tutorials are included
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Preview feature

How to use

My Recastly Review will show you 3 simple steps to make your video more reachable and attract millions of views.

Step 1:            Import your video from your PC, Vimeo, YouTube,…

Step 2:            Import SRT files or let the system generate automated subtitles.

                        Customize the subtitles.

                        Optional: Replace the sound and add your voiceover. Edit it.

Step 3:            Export your video to different channels. Spread the video and get the views.

Moreover, you can watch the full demo in video below

Pros and Cons


  • Automate generate subtitles to show, translate and add voiceover
  • Offer templates to edit your subtitles
  • Add CTA to boost your engagement
  • Import/Export from multiple sources
  • Cloud-based, easy to use
  • Add watermark and fixed caption
  • Resize for many devices


I haven’t found any.

Price and Evaluation

You can buy Recastly now for $37. Moreover, with the upcoming launches, you can even get more bonuses, especially the two prelaunch webinars for live training and Q&A. With these practical features, this is a great product for social media.


That’s what I want to share about this product. This product will be your right investment decision with no regret. You should get it instantly after my Recastly Review before the launching time ends. And see you later!


You will receive My Bonus below through 3 step:

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Bonus #1: FB Redirect Pro


FB Redirect Pro is a plugin for wp that allows you to redirect users from FB to the web address you want, it includes the following features:

  • Simple installation
  • Design your photos directly from the WP admin panel with just a few clicks without the need for photoshop skills
  • Automatically redirect traffic from FB
  • Increase your transaction efficiency by directing users to direct sales pages with engaging, actionable images

Bonus #2: Video News Jacker


Video News Jacker – To promote the development and breaking of stories, videos aim to bring people back to your products related to the story, Features include:

  • Easy to do for beginners
  • 30 minutes to rank and receive traffic
  • There are tons of content from any corner
  • No money required
  • Fast

Bonus #3: Video Cash Bonanza



Video Cash Bonanza is a well-suited course for new affiliate marketers and affiliate marketers.
You will learn:

  • How to get more affiliate sales and build your list at the same time (even if you are starting from scratch or have no prior experience)
  • Use video marketing spiced up with a handful of little tricks.

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