WP Blazer Suite Review – Perfect WP-Manager tool, Fast and Professional

WP Blazer Suite Review 


My WP Blazer Suite Review will reveal a stunning tool for those who are using WordPress to run blogs. Let’s follow and find out!


WordPress has always been one of the hottest platforms used by marketers. It’s free, amazing, and flexible. However, as usual, you don’t get all you want from something free. WordPress has its own problems which are quite upsetting sometimes.

Cindy Donovan has been using WordPress for life and she really wanted to make WordPress better. So she has launched a product called WP Blazer Suite to help those who have to run many websites all at once.

I, luckily, received a trial version from her and tried it. In this WP Blazer Suite Review, I am going to present all the basic things you need to know about the tool. My view on the product may provide a different perspective that you should consider before buying. Let’s get started!

WP Blazer Suite Review – Overview

  • Vendor:                   Cindy Donovan
  • Product:                  WP Blazer Suite
  • Launch Date:        2018-Jan-04
  • Launch Time:       11: 00 EST
  • Front-end Price:  $47
  • Sale Page:              Click Here
  • Niche:                      General
  • Recommend:        Highly Recommended

What is WP Blazer Suite?

WP Blazer Suite is an all-in-one WordPress management tool that would be a perfect tool for those who are running more than one blogs. Basically, what it does is to help you run your professional websites with fewer challenges and even deliver better results. No more tedious or repetitive tasks every day anymore.

About author

Cindy Donovan and her partner Girithara Prakash are the main vendors of WP Blazer Suite. They are all famous marketers in the field. Starting from scratch as all of you, Cindy understood what it felt like when you first started an online business and get lost. After a couple of years of working constantly on the subject, Cindy has come to a product that helps your marketing life much easier.

Let’s switch to the next part of the WP Blazer Suite Review to find out what it has to offer!

Feature details

Before going into details about what WP Blazer Suite can do, there is one fact I would like to mention. WP Blazer Suite is indeed suitable for all niches. No matter what you are working on, WP Blazer Suite can help out pretty amazingly. Now let’s get started!

We are all aware that WordPress is free, easy to use and flexible. All marketers love it because of its advantages. However, it does not mean it is flawless.

  • Waste a lot of time updating WP and add the plugin each time you have a new website to install
  • Manually checking, approving and posting are time-consuming
  • The risk of being hacked

With all of those fears, Cindy has added these features to WP Blazer Suite to make WordPress your best solution:

Update all websites with just one click

All you have to do is to group all the websites into groups and update all at once.

Install or update plugins and themes

There is no need to install or update plugins as well as themes one by one. Choose the site you want to update once and click and there you are, all done!

Write and publish posts to many blogs

There is one problem that marketers who are running many blog posts can relate. Once you have finished writing a post, you have to manually post them on each website you run. So why don’t use WP Blazer Suite to syndicate all content, get backlinks across all the sites and save more time?

Moderate/approve/deny comments

Previously, what would you do if you want to approve or reject a comment? You have to manually log in and do that. But now, with WP Blazer Suite, everything will be managed in just one simple dashboard. How amazing that is!

Create new WP users

It only takes you about 30 seconds to create a new user on all of your blogs. Insert an email address and it will be all done instantly.

Schedule automated regular backups

This, in my personal experience, is one of the best features of WP Blazer Suite. You can set up everything for once and never have to take time managing updates in the future.

Run instant secure cloud backups

To avoid conflicts or bugs or some other terrible scenarios, you had better run cloud backups to have stronger protection.

See more Demo in the Video Below:

How does it work?

All you do is these three steps:

Step 1: Login to the cloud platform and add the WP sites

Step 2: Manage from one single dashboard, update, and add plugins and themes

Step 3: Set up backups once and for all

As you can see from my WP Blazer Suite Review, it’s as easy as a piece of cake. Everyone can do it.

Who should use it?

Anyone who is using WordPress to manage their blogs should definitely try WP Blazer Suite from now. It’s so newbie friendly that you won’t need any specific marketing or technical skill to use it.

WP Blazer Suite Review – Evaluation and Price

The product is sold for $47 which is fairly acceptable. WP Blazer Suite brings to you automation to speed up your workload and boost your productivity in the simplest way.


WP Blazer Suite is extremely suitable for those who want to do backups and have a full control over their business. It is a huge time saver!

Thanks for following my WP Blazer Suite Review. I hope it gives you some insights into the product. Goodbye!


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